CSN - Multi-service network upgrade
Project developed and implemented by Medidata in partnership with Cisco to upgrade the multi-service LAN (Local Area Network) network, aiming to support all services required for the operation and expansion the of CSN business.
This upgrade includes a local network backbone in place with 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone to support data communication services, video conferencing, video collaboration, voice etc. In addition, the project will strengthen of security through Firewall, IPS, VPN and NAC (Network Admission Control), wireless networks (WLAN) and IP telephony.

AccesStage - Web EDI Services
Design, supply and deploy of Web EDI services. The service main objective is a large-scale reduction of telecommunications costs, as well as allow the small and mid commercial partners, to implement and use of EDI services through the Internet.
The reliability of the site is kept through the redundancy of the Sun equipment as well as the high availability and load balancing features of Sun ONE softwares. The project includes firewall, authentication software and switches from Cisco Systems and Web, Application, email and EDI servers from Sun Microsystems.

Atento - Call Center
Medidata supplied and installed equipment RISC from Sun Microsystems for Atento Brazil - company of the Telefônica group - to implement mission critical applications. Medidata offered a high availability solution composed of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) from Lucent and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from Vantive.

Atento - Storage and Thin Client Project
Medidata, in partnership with a Sun Microsystems, supplied, installed and implemented a storage and backup solution, automatic and integrated, to record voice in the call center during service. The voice recording, with automatic backup solution, allows recording to be stored in a disk unit over a period defined by Atento, after which these data are automatically transported to tape, making the storage, management, and data retrieval swifter, reducing the time information can be recovered from days to minute. Still at Atento, and in partnership with Sun, Medidata implemented a project based on Thin Client Sun Ray 1G, for use in an operation with 150 service positions for a financial institution, where all the information is centralized in servers and not anymore in the attendant´s computer. The fully customized solution makes Thin Client capable of serving any attendant with a high mobility level, availability, and increase of information security, increasing attendants' productivity, besides considerably reducing replacement time in case of defects, therefore generating increase of productivity.

Banco Itaú - Datawarehouse
Specification, configuration and installation of a Sun E-10000 server for datawarehouse application. Itaú Bank, as one of the biggest banks of Brazil, invests in a knowledge database, capable to identify correctly the profile of its customers, improving the service offered by the institution.

BANCO REAL / ABN AMRO - Corporate Backup
Critical environment demands high availability solutions. Based on that Medidata designed a corporate backup solution for BANCO REAL / ABN AMRO. A SAN (Storage Area Network) architecture was deployed for an environment of more than 250 servers of different operating systems (Solaris, AIX, Windows NT e 2000, Netware). There architecture provides a high performance in the backup and recover processes. The deployment was done in a partnership with Sun Microsystems, which provided all of the products.

Banco General Motors
Supply for the EDS - Electronic Data Systems Ltda. - of routers and RISC/Sun servers, for the corporative processing of the GM Bank.

Bombril - Círio - SAP
Supply of Sun servers for implementation of SAP solution, in order to minimize costs and maximize profits to better penetrate the food market.

Bosch - Robert Bosch Ltd.
To implement a Voice and Data Corporate Network and to improve the quality of its services, Bosch adopted a Voice over Frame Relay technology. This solution was projected, supplied, configured and installed by Medidata. It includes the instalation of a Frame Relay network for the exclusive use by Bosch, using switches and routers from Cisco Systems, being one of the pioneers in Brazil to use this technology. Currently, it is being expanded by Bosch in worldwide level.

Implementation of a Netware network, with a SNA gateway, to evaluate a solution for downsizing of the development environment and maintenance of applications, written in COBOL, from the mainframe to a PC network architecture.

CEMAT - Centrais Elétricas Matogrossenses S/A.
Supply of seven Sun Enterprise 450 database server to run a customer management software, in replacing the mainframe platform.

Comgás - IP Telephony for corporate communications
Project developed and implemented by Medidata in partnership with Cisco Systems comprises de installation of IP extensions in one of the company shops. The solution enables the company to cut telephony costs in contacts made between the shop and other Comgás locations. The Call Manager Express - a PABX IP that runs in several Cisco router models - makes it possible to reduce the number of equipment items required in the shop, as both telephony and data access are performed by the same convergent solution.

Editora Gráficos Burti
Design and integration of the LAN and WAN corporate network, supplying a FDDI solution with support for TCP/IP and Apple Talk, and the deployment of a 10 Mbps metropolitan network to connect its customers for video conference and file transfers.

Genexis - Health Portal for the Latin America
Genexis is one of the leading B2B companies and operates the biggest Latin America Health Portal, putting together several Pharmaceuticals Labs, distributors, medical insurances and a drugstore chain of more than 1500 stores. The whole site is based on top of the line technology and Medidata was responsible for the LAN infrastructure, security solutions and the deployment of the services that enables the site to scale its number of clients. As part of the project, Cisco 6500 and 2900 switches were used to support the necessary e-commerce LAN needs and Cisco 7000 routers were used to interconnect the IP backbone. The portal now provides to its customers access to updated information and the means to optimize its resources in production, planning, marketing and distribution.

Deployment and interconnection of local area networks, on 35 sites in state capitals and main urbans centers (Netware, SCO Unix and Solaris environments), comprising the study of alternatives, supply of electric infrastructure and data servers, routers, concentrators, jukebox, operational systems, e-mail, office automation and training.

Installation and configuration of a Sun E-10000 server, from Sun Microsystems, updating IBM´s Disaster Recovery. This server is used by BCRS customers (Business Continuity & Recovery Services), in case of contingency - disaster of natural or intentional character - in its TI environment.

Lucent Technologies
Supply of the necessary Sun equipment for the deployment of ERP systems, Lucent´s administrative and financial management, based on MFGPro management system, from QAD. The equipments consisted on a high availability Cluster, based on redundant Sun Enterprise 3000 and disk arrays.

Prodesp - 18-Terabyte data storage system consolidation
Medidata presented the winning proposal to provide data storage services to Companhia de Processamento de Dados do Estado de São Paulo (Prodesp) in partnership with Hitachi Data Systems. The project consists of rental (with a purchase option), maintenance, and installation of a Lightning 9980V subsystem with 18-terabyte capacity.

The solution enables Prodesp to operate non-stop, with high realibility of data storage and improved performance, ensuring its business continuance.

Prodesp - Poupatempo Campinas
The State of São Paulo Data Processing Company (Prodesp) developed a system called Poupatempo that brings 53 types of services, with confort and quality, to the residents of Campinas and 31 neighboring cities. The "Poupatempo Campinas" is installed with the state of the art technology offering to the citizens Multimedia information terminals, BBS and Internet. Medidata installed and configured Poupatempo's network, comprised of servers, routers and switches. Medidata was also responsible for configuring and testing 71 TCP/IP networked workstations.

Souza Cruz - Gigabit backbone and LAN upgrade
Medidata implemented a project to update and enhance Souza Cruz's network, to reduce costs and enhance performance, in their Headquarters and "Complexo Amorim" in Rio de Janeiro and in their "Centro Integrado de Distribuição" (Distribution Center) in São Paulo. This project upgraded their backbone in 10 times, deploying Gigabit Ethernet. To support the growing need of network speed caused by the new applications in use by Souza Cruz - SAP, intranet and e-business high throughput switches from Cisco Systems were deployed. The core switches are redundant with Gigabit connections to the departamental switches that connect the 100Mbps users.

Sprint - Internet Node Design for Embratel
Supply, installation and configuration of RISC servers, jukebox, switches, management station and software.

Telefônica Assist - Speedy Wi-Fi
Supply of all infrastructure required to implement the Speedy Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) solution at Telefónica Assist, Telefónica Group company.
Medidata provided Cisco Systems acess points, routers, and switches; Sun Microsystems servers; delivered the project, and implemented both authentication and security solutions. In addition, the integrator is responsible for providing support services, warranty, and training to Telefónica Assist staff.

Telefônica Empresas - Fault and SLA Management
Medidata was chosen by Telefônica Empresas to implement a on-line Fault and SLA Management, based on Netcool from Micromuse. Using the Netcool family of software, Netcool/Object Server, Netcool/Impact, Netcool/JEL and Wave, Netcool/Visionary, Netcool/Precision and Netcool/Report, Telefônica Empresas will be able to offer their clients the access to data that enables them verify the level of service they´re receiving in real time.

Telefônica - Project CGIR - Integrated Networks Management Center
Network Management has become more and more complex due to the continuous growth in number and diversity of networks components. Also to address the need to keep the down time of the network as minimal as possible, is important that the management system provides efficient mechanism to identify, trace and resolve situations of failure or software miss-behavior that affects the functioning of the network. The solution adopted by Telefônica in the design of the Integrated Networks Management Center for its Corporate Backbone is based on the Integrated Management Architecture, comprising several management functions like: Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security. The environment of the CGIR is composed by Sun servers, switches-probes from Cisco Systems and SEM 3.0 software (Sun Enterprise Manager vrs. 3,0), CiscoWorks 2000 and Cristal Report - supplied by Medidata.

Telesp - Sagre Project
Design and deploy of the Sagre´s local (FDDI and CDDI) and remote (WAN) networks, including the supply of RISC and Intel equipments, routers, switches, hubs and graphical peripherals for GIS applications (Geographical Information Systems), throughout the state of São Paulo.

Telesp - Internet Site
Design and implantation of the Internet site, including the supply, installation and configuration of routers, switches, management stations, Internet and dial-up servers, and development of Internet application. To provide high availability the site was configured with redundancy of WEB, DNS and FTP services.

Telesp - SGDT
Design and deployment of two Local Area Networks connected by an ATM backbone, for the Technical Documents Management System. Supply of switches ATM, switches Fast Ethernet, FDDI, routers, workstations, hubs, printers and plotters.

Supply of PC's, RISC servers and workstations, routers, network implementation, training and consulting.

Unimed - SAD Project
Equipment supply, deployment, consulting, maintenance and training in the SAD project - System of Data Acquisition of Medical Production. The SAD is a system based on an Extranet that connects doctor's offices, hospitals and clinical laboratories to the central network of Unimed Campinas, through dedicated accesses, making possible to automate the authorization to medical procedures such as: doctor appointments, exams and hospital admission. The application interface will be of a standard browser and the customer data will collected by a magnetic card reader connected to the workstation keyboard. Medidata supplied Sun servers and management station, Lucent remote access server, Cisco switch, router and Local Director, FireWall and Lotus Office Automation Notes Domino.

Vesper - DCN Network
Medidata, together with NetCare team from Lucent Technologies, installed and technically supports the operation of Vesper's DCN network in São Paulo.

Via Varejo - Marketplace
Development and deployment of comercial automation for the Via Varejo clients, using Broadvision technology. Via Varejo is a service provider that connects small and mid-size retail stores to the food industry and financial groups. Using this service, after 3 months the retail can raise its profits up to 20% and the sales in 30%, as well as to reduce the lack of payment in 300%. Medidata developed a turn-key project, starting with the strategic analisys up to the application development and operation of the site.